Finish Line Feed Inc.

We also stock a variety of bedding:

Wheat Straw

Wheat Straw is the byproduct of Wheat grain. It has a light golden color and is used as dust free bedding for Horse Stalls. It is generally cut in lenghts of up to 18". It is also used during Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas for decoration. It is baled in the Northern Ohio Valley area.

Wheat Straw

Bagged Wood Shavings

Made only from 100% Southern Pine wood, then kiln dried, the Stall Master product is designed for high performance in your barn or paddock. Shavings have a broad product size distribution and will perform better than all small or large pieces. Smaller pieces offer more surface area and absorbency while larger flakes offer a cushion for the horse and a clean appearance in the barn.

Pine Shavings

Bulk Wood Shavings

Southern Pine wood shavings are flaked and screened to provide customers needing large quantities great volume savings.

Wood Shavings

Pine Pellets

Southern Pine sawdust is pelletized and makes great stall bedding material for horses as well as small animals.

Bedding Pellets
Stall Master Pellets

Wheat Field
Stall Master Shavings
Queen Wood Shavings